"Only the truth is revolutionary."

La Sorbonne, Paris, Mai 1968


i thought this trend was the perfect opportunity to showcase some gems from my infamous nico muse tag | art by the lovely minuiko ♥


Unfriendly reminder that Hazel and Sammy both without a doubt went to a ‘colored’ school in the south. Desegregation didn’t happen until 1954 and Marie Levesque’s parents were probably former slaves freed during or born very shortly after the Emancipation Proclamation. That Marie being horribly greedy, and a little selfish was probably due to the fact that she probably grew up nothing. And that she was a poverty stricken fortune teller in the 1930’s american south. She didn’t have something that was considered a respectable trade. As Rick so kindly put it Hazel was ‘bullied’ by adults and children. Hazel probably had racial slurs thrown at her left and right just trying to walk to school. That teachers allowed her to be bullied because they looked down on her mothers line of work. That Hazel was a 13 year old black girl in the segregated american south and had to deal with all the bullshit that came with that. 

Hazel Levesque isn’t a real person. But Hazel’s story and the details of her life that are so delicately danced around are fucking real. People are still alive that lived this shit that you’re so desperately trying to strip Hazel of. That you’re so desperately trying to ignore is a fact real of life. The percy jackson universe is fiction, but if you look at any main character the hardest things that they go through are never fighting monsters, the gods petty problems and politics with each other. It’s always their interactions with humans, and making their way in the mortal world. When you take anything away from the characters in HOO you’re taking away and turning a blind eye on the real world and acting like racism, abusive parents, classicism, the foster care system, ableism, homophobia and domestic violence aren’t real. 

The books are for children but they’re also for black children, they’re for orphaned children, they’re for learning disabled children, they’re for second generation asian children, they’re for children who are survivors of abusive parents, they’re for lgbtq children, they’re for native children. And when you strip any of that away from any of these characters you admit to the whole world that you’d rather these people didn’t exist. You don’t want them in your fiction just as much as you don’t want them in your life. 

Percy Jackson is learning disabled. Annabeth Chase is a survivor and learning disabled. Jason and Thalia Grace were neglected, Frank Zhang lost his mother in the Afghanistan war and is Chinese-Canadian, Leo grew up in foster care has ADHD and is latino, and Piper is a neglected Native American girl. Nico Di Angelo is clinically depressed and a queer child. Hazel Levesque is black and it is a crucial component to her character, just as it is crucial to all the real people who share a similar story. Don’t you dare take that away from all the other children reading these books because you can’t get over there being people different from you in your favorite story. Maybe you should re-evaluate why someone has to be white for them to be a hero, relatable, multi dimensional or strong. 

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maneater // hall & oates

she’ll only come out at night
the lean and hungry type
nothing is new
i’ve seen her here before

Anonymous: So, do you have crush on any fictional character who has NOT killed a man?



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In very rare circumstances it is possible to see a full 360 degree rainbow from an airplane

target locked. firing lesbian ray


flawless // the neighbourhood

the only flaw, you are flawless
but i just can’t wait for love to destroy us
i just can’t wait for love